root canal


A root canal is a space between teeth. It consists of a pulp cavity that supplies nutrients and nerves to each tooth and a "canal" connecting to the root's surface. The tooth cavity leaves an opening where bacteria can invade and multiply. If left untreated, these bacteria cause infections and form pus-filled pockets or abscesses at the roots of the teeth. This causes severe pain and swellingspreading to the face and other parts of the head. Severe infections lead to bone loss around the upper part of the root.


Root canals are a procedure for treating and preserving damaged, infected, or heavily rotten teeth. Treatment is:

(1) Removal of nerves and pulp 

(2) Clean and seal the infected area inside the tooth. 

Severe rot, repeated dental procedures, cracked teeth, or facial trauma can damage and infect teeth. The gums' continuous pain, swelling, irritability, persistent hypersensitivity to heat and cold, and discoloration of the teeth are signs that root canal treatment is needed. A dentist's examination is the best way to decide how to treat each case.