tooth extraction


Extraction is the subtraction of teeth from the mouth. It will also be the basis for future aesthetic dental treatments. Extraction can be surgical or straightforward. Simple tooth extractions are usually performed only if the tooth is visible and already loose and needs to be lifted with dental forceps after being rocked back and forth. On the other hand, surgical removal involves the removal of teeth that are not easily accessible because they are not entirely rashed or are rashed below the gingival line. This requires an incision, and in many cases, the tooth to be extracted is divided into several parts for easy removal.

 We have a team of professional maxillofacial dentists who take care of complex or straightforward tooth extractions with minimal pain in a stress-free environment.



  • Teeth that are rotten and cannot be repaired to prevent infection.
  • To create space for orthodontic treatment such as braces/aligners, Dental damage due to injuries such as travel falls, sports accidents, etc. 
  • It affects the tissues that hold the teeth and the cavities of the gums and loosens the teeth. 
  • Crowded teeth as a result of small jaws Wisdom tooth rash. 
  • It May affect the position and spacing of other teeth.